Winnipeg Stitch Factory

Winnipeg Stitch Factory Ltd.
Phone: 204-942-5203
Owner: Julie Land

Winnipeg Stitch Factory is an apparel manufacturing studio that focuses on “Made in Winnipeg”, Canadian ethical production. They are all about community with a mission to sustain the on-shore industry. They offer product development and cut and sew programs to Canadian companies and local fashion designers.

Julie and her team can help designers develop their products through pattern making, sample making and manufacturing. With no minimums, the Winnipeg Stitch Factory can do one to thousands of units. With a focus on streamlining product development, Winnipeg Stitch Factory can help you create the clothing line, for wholesale or retail, corporate or anything you dream of.

Winnipeg Stitch Factory has worked with many local Winnipeg fashion designers such as:

oak and oar   deidigerfridayknights  Van johan for men

What is the process a designer can expect when they come to Winnipeg Stitch Factory?

First, we meet with you to discuss your brand and your needs. Then, we put together some custom ideas for you. You pick what you like and place the order.

Does Winnipeg Stitch Factory Manufacture in Winnipeg?

Yes, we do all of it here – from pattern making, sample production, sourcing, decorating (embroidery or screening), cut and sew, and production. We can everything from outerwear and workwear to men’s dress shirts and women’s dresses.

Can you tell us what Winnipeg Stitch Factory Inc. offers to designers who want to start their own clothing line?

We offer an authentic way to launch your brand, genuinely made in Canada, supporting the local and Canadian garment industry.

With so many brands using off-shore manufacturing for their apparel, how can a Winnipeg based factory compete?

Consumers have become more mindful of where their apparel is made these days, especially since the horrific tragedy in Bangladesh factory, and the release of the documentary The True Cost. Designers also understand that in order to be sustainable, we must support our local economy. There are increased issues with doing business off-shore than there once was.  Samples are shipped that are not according to spec, substandard fabrics are being delivered, and there is an added time and cost to send things back and forth across the ocean to get things right. When you work with a local factory, communication is fast, products are approved within a day and only require a trip within the city.

Winnipeg Stitch Factory is increasing its production capabilities by investing in the same technology and equipment that is used off-shore to save on labour costs, including software that will calculate wages based on productivity. This software will allow its employees the opportunity to own and earn their salary as they wish.

What is the process for a designer who wants to work with the Winnipeg Stitch Factory Inc., and what can they expect?

First thing you want to do is make a consultation appointment. Bring any ideas, spec sheets, tech packs, or samples you may have. We will then make you pattern(s), develop prototype, and samples. We can also do cut & sew for low minimums (50-100 pcs).

What do you see as being some of the biggest challenges for emerging brands today and how does Winnipeg Stitch Factory Inc. help with that?

The biggest challenge for any emerging Canadian apparel brand is acquiring capital investment. You will need samples as part of your business plan and to be able to give the best pitch you can to investors and banks. It will be of great benefit to have actual, real-life, tangible samples of your products. You can also use these samples to collect market research to include in your business plan, or to get feedback to make improvements the product.

You also can use samples for images you need for your website or social media accounts, or to provide to potential buyers.

As a non-profit fashion accelerator, we will encourage you to meet your goals, and get you on track to success.

Besides offering pattern making and sample development, what other services does Winnipeg Stitch Factory provide to new designers?

We have plans in the works to expand our current fashion designer start up services to include sewing and business workshops, branding and business services to help launch and grow your fashion design business, and the most exciting part, co-working space. Co-working space is hot in the tech world. Winnipeg has so many popping up, including North Forge a prototype fabrication lab that has almost every type of equipment, machine imaginable to create products – but there is not one sewing machine, serger, cutting table, or dress form anywhere!

Winnipeg Stitch factory will be Winnipeg’s first membership based co-working space and fashion accelerator for fashion and clothing designers. It be a space for Winnipeg designers to co-create, use the equipment, get the education they are looking for and share ideas with other designers, businesses and individuals. These plans are already in the works, and already have some designers on a waiting list!

How does someone get on the waiting list to be the first to know of this new designer co-working space?

Complete the form on our contact us page here.

If you are interested in taking the first step to creating clothing with a “Made in Canada” tag on it, call Winnipeg Stitch Factory at  204-942-5203 or send them an email here.