Ecommerce is a great way for brick and mortar stores to expand their customer base, as well as a great platform for you to provide a great service to your local customers. It’s great to have a website that showcases your shop and tells your story, but if you are not selling your product online, you need to.  Here’s why:

  • Online shopping is a growing trend in Canada. Sales are expected to double by in the next four years, from $22 Billion in 2014 to $40 Billion by 2019.
  • Consumers value local. Of Canadian consumers surveyed, 69% valued Canadian ownership as “Most Important” or “Important” when shopping. Over 50% of consumers are seeking locally made products and nearly 50% prefer to buy from companies right in their Province or City.
  • Consumers would spend more money online with local businesses if they offered convenient shipping, e-stores and a better consumer experience navigating their online stores.
  • Winnipeggers love to go out for strolls down Academy, Osborne or in the Exchange, come winter, as we gravitate to the indoors. Your foot traffic slows down.  It’s winter many months of year. Stop losing sales due to Winnipeg weather. Open up your online shop and let people browse from the comfort of their homes during those months.
  • Your website can be your salesperson.  Presenting products, describing products, and walking them easily through to check out – all day, all night.
  • Winnipeggers like to check things out, make sure they are getting the best value before they purchase. They will look things up online before they visit your store and make a purchase.
Worldwide eCommerce sales are projected to grow to 370 billion dollars by 2017.

Here are some things to think about while planning your e-commerce website:

  • Make sure you include high-quality, good-sized photos for all the products you stock, and you must include product descriptions that include essential information such as measurements, size, colour and price. Providing plenty of product information heightens the experience of shoppers and strongly increases your chances of a sale.
  • Hire a local professional photographer – Winnipeg has a ton of great photographers.
  • Make it part of your receiving goods procedure to take photos of one of everything to upload to your website.
  • You get one chance to present your product to the visitor, take the time to create a stunning, inviting and easy to navigate (AND SHARE!) product pages. Take the time to set this up properly once, and have it work for you over and over.
  • Offer first time customers a discount off their first order.
  • Do your research and be prepared to build it deliberately and effectively.

What next?  

Check out Shopify.


Remember, was a little ecommerce store selling books at one time.