consignment shopping
There are a lot of reasons why you would go shopping. Sometimes I go just because of boredom, or because it is deeply ingrained in my brain from decades of religiously reading fashion magazines that when the seasons change, I must go shopping. Especially here in Winnipeg – July requires a much different wardrobe than January. Shopping and changing up your wardrobe at least twice a year, can be really expensive.

So, how can you help yourself from overspending? What ways could you use to keep yourself from spending a lot of money but still shop to the extent you want, and need? Well, the simple way you can is to wait for what you need and hoping they go on sale. Or, you can also go consignment shopping.

What exactly is a consignment shop?

A consignment shop is a retail store that specializes in consignment sales. Although we are talking about buying and selling a secondhand product, we are not talking about thrift shops. Sometimes, you will find clothing that still has the tags on it, and some shops carry unique clothing collections. They are not just for buying, these shops may also provide you with a place to display and sell your merchandise – perhaps a clothing collection you are starting and need to test.

You can also bring items from your closet that are still in good condition, but you no longer wear to a consignment shop. They will not take all of your items and sell them. The shop will decide what they are willing to sell and for what price. After the sale has been completed, you and the consignment shop will split the profits – sometimes in cash, and sometimes in store credit. Some stores will take the whole pile from you and with your consent, will donate the items they will not tag and sell for you, or do not resell after a period of time.  Riche Consignment located in Winnipeg, will come pick up your items for free if you dread the packing, lugging and driving.

When you shop at consignment stores, one of the good things it offers ais the ability to find truly unique, quality items at great prices.

Benefits of Consignment Shopping

In a lot of ways, consignment shopping is one of the best options you can choose to save money and time. If you are trying to keep from overspending but don’t want to be stingy to yourself, it’s always a good choice for you to go on consignment shopping and look for the products at affordable prices.

Here’s why you should shop at the consignment stores:

• You can save on items on sale and discounted prices
• There are plenty of unique items – and sometimes some very vintage, hard-to-find, designer items
• Inventory changes often, so there are more for you to see, choose and buy
• Staff and management commonly offer better than “regular” retail shopping experience. They remember your name and often what you like and don’t like.
• Recycle & reuse!


• A potential consignor can expect to make between 30 and 40 percent of the eventual selling price.
• Check the rules and policies of each store as most are different.
• Most shops only accept clothes in the following season (i.e.: in late winter they’ll only accept spring items)

These are some of benefits which consignment shopping can offer you. It makes it all easy and cost-effective for you. With this, you don’t have to be too strict and buy something for yourself without having to spend too much.

Check out some of Winnipeg’s consignment shops, and get personalized service, at The Closet Chick, Plato’s Closet, Vintage Glory, and Second Sensation or shop online for select high-end designer fashion at Riche Consignment.

Most shops currently accepting fall/winter items now.