black coat

Why do some people wear all black?

Do you know someone that often wears all black?   Do you think they are a ninja? Too lazy to do laundry?

Basically, the concept of wearing all black is more like a mindset, for minimalists like myself. Why do some of us often wear all black?

It’s the same as how some people prefer red over yellow or orange over blue. We just prefer black.

Here’s reasons why black works so well:

  1. It’s neutral
  2. Black is modest and arrogant at the same time
  3. Lazy and easy, but mysterious.
  4. Black says this: “I don’t bother you— don’t bother me”
  5. Looks great with silver-gray hair
  6. Wearing black is a ticket anywhere: as long as your clothes are not faded and are clean, you can cover a cocktail party, a wedding, a funeral, a fashion show or a concert all in the same day without ever having to change attire.
  7. Versatile and easy to get dressed in the morning.
  8. Easy to wash
  9. Easy to add a color pop here and there to brighten it up.
  10. Slimming
  11. Looks chic and professional.
  12. Common uniform for people in the fashion industry.

So that’s basically it. People who wear black are not depressed, not sad, not negative, most are actually a rather upbeat person who love life.  They are not wearing black to express any conscious pain. A lot of people outside of the fashion community think that people who wear black always or often are emo, or goth, or a ninja, but that is actually very inaccurate. They are not that at all, it’s just that they find aesthetic in minimalism and simplicity and in basic colors such as black and white.