When we think of fashion we often think of the world’s most fashionable people as being all primarily in their early 20s or even late teens. Many women today are finding themselves much more confident at the age of 40 as well as much better equipped financially to invest in designer brands. Finding your style in your 40s can be a wonderful experience because you have a much better idea of who you are and what your fashion sense is like. Fashion for women in their 40s can be elegant and very trendy. By using all this newfound knowledge about yourself it’s possible to finally focus on fashion with confidence and look and feel beautiful once again.

Of course finding where to shop when you are 40+ doesn’t mean reliving some of the old fashion stores or wearing the same old-fashioned styles that were popular in your 20s. The nature of your life has changed, you may have had a few kids, changed careers, travelled or experienced an entirely different side of fashion than your younger self. Reflecting this experience and knowing yourself better can help you to create the best and most important fashion style for yourself.

Finding style in your 40s means not just fading into middle age. It means styling yourself with elegant fashions that represent who you are today rather than emulating looks from the past.

It’s time to find a passion for fashion again but for a new and beautiful generation in your life. Please follow the Shopology Project for inspiration and opportunities, with ongoing tips and profiles on the hottest new designers and stores, you can find all that you need to be stylish right here in Winnipeg.