Here in Winnipeg, seasons change, temperature changes and it usually means packing away summer clothing and unpacking the winter stuff. Opening up last year’s wardrobe can be full of lovely surprises of favourite sweaters, jackets, scarves – almost feeling like everything is new again!  It feels good to pull on those sweaters and cozy knits, but it is also time to freshen your wardrobe with what’s on trend.  It’s always a good idea to pick up a few on trend pieces to keep up with the fashion each season.

When shopping for some new fall items keep the following list of what’s on trend for Fall 2016:

  1. Bell-sleeve sweaters
  2. Extra long sleeves
  3. Over the ankle bootie – with block heels
  4. Wrap coats
  5. Plaid coats
  6. Monochromatic coat and boots
  7. Texture and shine
  8. Velvet
  9. Animal prints (do they ever truly go out of style?)
  10. Moss green, camel or navy
  11. Faux fur collars or coats

And remember to not buy just because it is what is “in” this season, make sure it fits your style, your brand. Ask yourself the following questions before buying:

  • Can I see myself wearing it?
  • Where will I wear it?
  • What will I wear with it?

While this post may not completely solve your issues around finding the new fall pieces to add to your wardrobe this season, it should at least steer you in a direction that will. Please share your fall fashion finds in Winnipeg in the comments below and help others shop locally too!