To effectively promote your fashion business, you need the help of the media. If a reporter or publication calls you, or the other way around, you need to be ready with an impressive media kit (also called a press kit).  A media kit is a concise presentation of how awesome your brand is. This is your way of selling yourself to the media. Rarely do brands provide a print version as they did in days past, but rather, press materials exist in a digital format and are shared via email, a download link or publicly on a company website. Even though the format of press materials has changed, the information that editors need about your clients and brands has remained the same.

media kit template

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fashion lookbook

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For new product launches or seasonal collection launches, a look book is a key part of a press kit. The look book would have images and style names of the key items that tell a compelling story about your collection. Images of the collection can be shot on models or still life on a white background. For many fashion designers, photo shoot production is a challenge, and something you should consider investing in and hiring a professional photographer, stylist and professional models.


Your media kit should contain the following:

  • A company history with key dates and background information about your brand
  • Biographies for key executives at your company
  • Line sheet or look book
  • Press releases announcing new collections and/or other important news
  • Multimedia materials including videos and high-resolution images.
  • Social media accounts and stats
  • Details about your target audience
  • Noted published articles written about you or your brand
  • High-resolution photos of your designs
  • A compelling visual story
  • An interesting Q&A or interview with fun facts about your brand
  • The who, what, where, why, and how of your brand presented clearly
  • Upload your press kit to a site like Issuu

Don’t forget to update it for new articles, milestones, awards, and other recognition.  Don’t crowd your kit with attachments and irrelevant information. It must be scannable and all in one place.

Overall, when putting together a press kit, it’s always important to keep the media’s needs top of mind. Editors are very busy, so anything you can do to make their lives easier will help increase your chances of getting attention.