Prototypes are necessary for your collection. No one gets it right the first time. You can’t immediately put on the rack a garment you’ve just made. There are three reasons reason why you need to make the so-called first sample:

1) To test the actual fit
2) To assess the overall appearance
3) To check the construction

Use a cheaper fabric when creating a prototype. After you’ve checked the pattern inconsistencies and design flaws, make the necessary adjustments.

When you’re done with the tweaks, create the final sample using your actual fabric. If you don’t have the skills or equipment yet to make a sample, you can ask a sewer to do it for you. You can even make the manufacturer make one so you can see easily the quality of their work before they start mass producing your piece.

Take photos of each sample on a mannequin or a model. This will serve as your portfolio. You can also use the images for other marketing purposes. If you need professional studio space, check out Aspire Studios. You can rent their space and possibly the mannequins, too! A professional studio will help you get the best lighting and photos for your portfolio. Winnipeg has fantastic studio space called Aspire Studios perfect for photoshoots, and you can book your space conveniently online.