There is a saying “Too many clothes and nothing to wear”. It commonly applies to many women simply because their wardrobe is disorganized that they cannot easily decide which clothes they should wear.

In the past, in the 1930’s, women might have had only 36 items in their wardrobe. Today, the number has grown up to 120. That is the biggest reason why you cannot find anything to put on today is because it is very hard to see over the clutter. The best solution to your problem is to have a capsule wardrobe.

Perhaps, you already heard a lot of things regarding the capsule wardrobe, especially if you spend time on Pinterest, and it is certainly intriguing.

How should you get started in building a capsule wardrobe of your own?

How can you possibly choose the best items to keep out of the hundreds of clothes that you have inside?
Here is a compilation of steps on how you can finally build a capsule closet of your own:

1) Get Rid of the Clutter

Get started by separating the clothes you have into 2 piles. The first one is the pile of clothes that you love and clothing you wear all the time. The other one is the pile of everything else. When sorting the items, pick up every item and think about the feeling that it offers you. If you feel good then it should be on the pile 1, and if you feel negative things about it, put it in pile #2.

You should use your heart and not your mind when you sort out your wardrobe. Think about if the item makes you feel confident, stylish, comfortable and beautiful, or if it makes you feel less confident, unsure or uncomfortable.
When you are done, you keep pile #2 out of your sight for the meantime.

2) Evaluate the Left Over

Now you have a pile of clothes that you really love. Pick each item and figure out what makes it lovable. Perhaps, you love that item because of the color or that it fits perfectly. Make a note of the reasons why you love each item. You will start to notice patterns, and key characteristics you need to have in your clothing. A useful little guide you can use when planning to buy new items for your capsule wardrobe. It also will help in defining your personal style.
Now, pull all the items from the pile you will wear for this season. Set aside the others and they can be the base of the capsule.

3) Make a Vision of Your Wardrobe

While having the base of your capsule, logon to Pinterest so you can make a visual self-discovery board. Pin the images as well as the outfits that inspire you when it comes to color, silhouettes, and patterns. You may also pin places, artwork, photos, and some other things that will inspire you. It is important to decide over the following:

• Your ideal neutral colors
• Your main colors and shades
• Your accent colors which are the brightest and the loudest colors inside your capsule

4) Your Lifestyle

This is the step that will help you make sure that each item that you have in your closet suits your current lifestyle. Things change for us as we move through life. At one time, having comfortable clothing to go to school in was the most important, now you are interviewing for a job, or maybe now you find yourself leading a more active life. Changes in your lifestyle mean changes in your wardrobe.

Your capsule wardrobe should include only those items that you need and want. Take note of the kind of clothes that you need for every activity that you do each day, each week and each weekend.

5) Complete the Capsule Wardrobe

Now you should just have the clothes you like, together with the listing of clothes that you have to wear every day. This time, you go over your pile 1 and then take stock of what you already have. Don’t go back to other pile. When finished, you should have a list of items that you have to add to your wardrobe to complete the capsule.