You want more regular clientele. How can you do that? With only a few consignment shops in Winnipeg, there are many ways to set your shop apart from the others.

  1. Offer wardrobe editing services to your customers. Be the second set of eyes, the Stacy Clinton and tell them what not to wear. Anything they want to part with, or are on the fence about parting with, can be put into your store and sell for them. Might help to tip the scales and help them really cleanse out pieces they don’t wear – and get cash or credit for.
  2. Keep the store uncluttered. There is no reason that your store needs to look like a thrift shop and more like a boutique.
  3. Organize by size and colour
  4. Create amazing, always changing window displays
  5. Keep detailed customer files – likes, style, sizes, brands, purchase history – show them new pieces when they visit your shop
  6. Have a well-designed website
  7. Have a well-designed website (had to say it twice)
  8. Include a blog on your website and blog about the stories you hear from your customers, about the clothing they bring in…surely there are stories told in your shop!
  9. Fresh. Cut. Flowers. Always.